IOPE Pro Peeling Soft Gel 100ml

IOPE Pro Peeling Soft Gel 100ml

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moisture peeling gel that softly takes care of old dry skin using plant peeling ingredient

Mild peeling of natural cellulose & Konjac 
Plant-derived natural cellulose and Konjac ingredients strongly and softly remove old dry skin and make it smooth.

Dual effect of water-soluble AHA and moisturizing ingredient 
All products of PRO PEELING contain water-soluble AHA, which shows dual effect with moisturizing ingredient for a soft and moist finish.

Plant-derived sugar maple extract 
AHA included in sugar maple offers softer peeling experience for skin.

3-free formula
This reliable peeling gel is free of tar pigment, mineral oil and triethanolamine.


How to use
After removing make-up and wiping out moisture, take the product about size of a quarter onto a palm and softly massage it on the entire face around nose. Sufficently wash away in tepid water. (Be careful about skin turning red.) This product is used 2~3 times a week depending on skin conditions.