Acne & Solutions

Acne & Its Solutions

Every other teenager and woman face acne issues because acne is a quite common skin condition. It is duet to inflammation of the skin that appears as pimples. It surely isn’t a dangerous condition but popping the pimples can leave scars and marks on the face.

They are associated with puberty when the oil glands in the skin become activated. They can also be due to other factors like genetics, menstrual cycle, anxiety, stress, and hot climates.

Since it's such a common condition there must be some solution to it. Sure, there is! Following are some simple tips that could help you heal acne faster

Improve Your Diet

The relationship between diet and acne is a complex one but it is proven that people who eat a good diet enriched with Vitamins A and E have a lower chance of developing acne. Therefore, try to include natural foodstuff like fruits such as watermelon, grapefruit, mangoes, etc.

Hydrate your body!

Lifestyle moderation is always beneficial. If you’re not hydrating your body then you should. Drink plenty of water because it is not only good for the body's metabolism but also rejuvenates your skin making you appear fresh and beautiful.

Avoid oil in all forms!

One thing you should bear in mind is that ACNE FEEDS ON OIL. As it is caused by the opening of sebaceous or oil glands near the hair follicles, the acne worsens if your skin is always oily. Refrain from using oil-based beauty products and consuming too much fried food.

Cleanse, cleanse and cleanse!

Use an oil control cleanser as frequently as needed to prevent oil build-up. But be cautious to cleanse and massage the skin gently to avoid bursting or squishing the pimples as these will leave their mark on their territory for you to remember.

Cleansing will also keep the dirt away and keep it from clogging your pores. Blackheads are basically oxidized oil so removing blackheads would also improve your skin.

Use a Toner! 

Toners are a fairly common skincare product these days, rightly so. The toner works in a jiff to remove excess oil from your face with a wipe.

Never Pop a Pimple!

Acne no doubt is a pain and causes self-esteem and self-confidence issues but popping the pimple does more harm done than good. You should develop some self-control to not touch and mess around with the pimples if you want post-acne scar-free skin.

Don’t go in the sun!

If you have acne issues then don’t go out in the sun or if you have to keep yourself hydrated and protected from the heat. The sun would trigger excess sebum production and aggravate your acne.

Avoid Stress!

Whether you’re stressed about the pimples and blackheads ruining your face or some other things then don’t worry! Stress would cause your body to release even more cortisol and adrenaline which would worsen the problem.

Now that you know what steps prevent and aid in healing acne, start incorporating these little lifestyle changes from today! Your acne would heal on its own with proper care with the use of some skin products.